Fade In, Fade Out!

Fade In, Fade Out!


We checked into a guest home of the academic institution after eight within the evening. By some capability at that converse moment I couldn’t keep in mind the particular main substances of our prior perambulate, elegant focusing on getting settled there. Why I became there that too I didn’t moderately danger about. However, since my colleague came alongside with me I became assured enough that it became an legitimate time out. That it became a shrimp bit out of the ordinary now to now not bask in in mind something referring to the time out or the motive of the focus on over with didn’t depraved my mind either.

The room became rectangular and seemed intellectual, a shrimp extra enormous than fashioned rooms. From the doorway on the left segment of the room there became the double bed; on the left aspect of the bed there became a sliding glass-paned window giving a look to the entrance aspect of the guest home; a cupboard at the corner opposite the bed; on the elegant there became a table with three wood cushioned chairs and beyond that there became the door to the loo. I purchased queer after I saw one other closed door on the left aspect of the loo door, that is to recount, on the farthest elegant hand corner from the doorway. From the develop of the floor I became distinct that the extra door couldn’t connect with one other room. I decided to search out out later what that attention-grabbing door ended in. There became one extra window on the elegant aspect from entrance; all curtains were drawn across since the AC became put on.

My colleague Srijay asked me most often if I became blissful and if I wanted something extra. Getting assured from my answers he left for his room reminding me to expose supper positively earlier than ten o’clock at which interval the miniature eating facility closed down for the evening. I saw him to the door thanking him for his topic. As I closed the door without warning I felt somebody’s presence within the room. I whirled spherical to my left, and for a moment I became scared with an uncanny feeling.

Standing earlier than the drawn curtains of the window a brief, stocky and darkish skinned boy smiled up at me. I stared at him, nothing popping out of my frozen vocal chords. The boy grinned at me and stated,
“Sir … you bask in gotten to’ve forgotten me! Why … I became the room service whereas you came here closing time!”
Yes, I came here earlier too, however one intention or the other I couldn’t set up that boy, no longer in a position to bask in in mind if I met him closing time. More than that I became very grand pondering the regarded as how he bought in. The attendant left after placing my bags in expose, and no one came after that; I became there with Srijay simplest. The reality that my mind became already a shrimp blurred I took particular care now to put issues in excellent focal point, and my mind started racing which became interrupted by the boy again.
“Sir, don’t agonize … you’ll keep in mind later, pointless to recount. Please name room service in case you would possibly esteem something … and I’ll reach again” With that the boy unlocked the door, went out and closed it from originate air, all in a languid circulation.

I stood there motionless for a whereas. Lastly I forcibly put it out of my mind, and at the equal time I decided to search out every little thing referring to the room. Straight I headed for the attention-grabbing door past the loo. I moved the door knob giving it a mushy push to know if it became locked from the alternative aspect.

No, it wasn’t. I pushed extra and the door opened into a tall home giving the impact of some fabricate of a store room. But, why a store room became connected to the principle room? This kind of facility became never provided in any hotel or guest home where I stayed within the outdated couple of years. The room had some ancient wood furnishings and few wood racks scattered here and there. Clear-slice there became one other door, and straight away I moved against it to search out out what became lying beyond, my curiosity at the height now. As I neared the door something moved on my elegant. There became a mountainous ancient wood rack lined completely with a white sheet from top to bottom, and beneath the bottom shelf the fabric became hurriedly pulled within. Someone need to be hiding beneath it! I purchased truly panicked now, a chill working down my spine.

“Who the hell is there?” I shouted at the stop of my instruct. Nothing came about for a pair of moments. After which, the fabric became thrown aside, and there emerged the frame of dilapidated ancient girl with unkempt hair, sunken eyes and protruding cheekbones obvious at me, and in a flash attempting to soar on me. She called out in a in unhappy health shrill, “Give me money … give me meals … now … or … I’ll devour you up, you irascible man!” More in anguish than the hazard of a physical assault I instinctively rushed against the door as the sickly girl charged after me. In a flash I opened the door, pushed the dashing figure thru it and locked it from within. I had no time to stare what lay beyond that door as I deliberate to earlier. I’ve locked this door, and now I’ll lend a hand that ‘attention-grabbing’ door of my room permanently locked never bothering about it, however I’ll for sure document this matter to the manager, I promised myself.

Start air the door the shrill rose to a crescendo now, and I hurriedly turned into spherical heading aid for my room. I took simplest a pair of steps after I heard a scratching noise slowly rising in quantity. I whirled spherical again taking a undercover agent at the door. Someone became attempting to crush originate the door. Who would possibly possibly it be? That dilapidated girl couldn’t possibly emit so grand power? I stood there transfixed. The scratching turned into a hammering now. The door started shaking violently.

My God … it became making a gift, I watched in alarm! The tip door hinge became nearly long gone; the center one became getting jerked uncontrollably. If that gave away the only real-half door would reach off. I need to enact something now … and hasty.

Instinctively again, I rushed against the door. My thought became to push the door out alongside with the intruder to the alternative aspect, possibly crushing her or him beneath the door, then escape aid to the room, locking the ‘attention-grabbing’ door securely and contact reception. Neutral one part became beyond my lend a hand watch over-I didn’t know what lay beyond that door, and what became the preference of my foes, simplest the girl or extra …

I did as I deliberate. I managed to push the door freed from its hinges to the hideous aspect originate air. However, the falling door did now not crush someone beneath its weight. To my surprise and alarm, there became simplest that dilapidated ancient in unhappy health girl originate air, and he or she dexterously succeeded in wriggling herself out of the falling door.

Eyes blazing, breathing venom, hair and hands flailing and shrieking wildly the girl became dancing in a seizure of insanity. “Give me money … give me meals … you zigzag fool!” I did now not retreat within, as if scared by the spectacular dance of insanity in entrance of me, as if attempting in vain to analyze what it became all about. I misplaced a pair of treasured moments within the job. In these seconds the wild cavorting spectacle in deadly throes took preserve of a miniature iron table, and came dashing to hit me. I pulled my mind out of wondering about how she would possibly possibly reach to possess so grand of energy, so ominously potent, and concentrated on my next wanted circulation.

My self protection mechanism now turned into to the attacking mode as I moved out within the originate attempting to dawdle spherical her eluding her, attempting to tire her out and to receive the most opportune moment to deactivate her. For the principle time I became mindful that it became an originate home, esteem a backyard, and there were few constructing blocks surrounding the house. There were some heads and voices too within the lighted balconies of some blocks, however no one tried to intervene or lend a hand either of us. You would possibly possibly possibly possibly no longer seek data from something from these zombies; at the most they’re going to elevate out their mobiles, elevate selfies and revel in, I mused bitterly as I ran across the house with the specter giving a relentless scoot. “Give me money … give me meals … you uncomfortable satan!”

Seemingly there came a divine intervention. In that apparently never-ending dawdle and scoot, one moment came to me when she became shut enough to me on my elegant about to flip spherical to confront me. I accredited that moment esteem the proverbial straw; caught preserve of her and the iron table utilizing both of my hands, gave her an almighty shove and ran headlong against my room-thru the broken door and thru that enigmatic door. Unnaturally highly efficient as she became, the dilapidated girl would possibly possibly no longer elevate it this time reeling, cursing and falling with a thud at the farthest aspect of the house, the iron table on top of her. That gave me appropriate enough time to seal my protection.

I activated all of the locks on hand on that mysterious door, and sat down on the bed panting with a escape of blood to my head. Shrill shrieks of the insane girl would possibly possibly now no longer be heard now. However, at this converse moment issues again bought a shrimp blurred, I had no realizing in any respect why. At that converse moment I need to bask in completed the obvious part-name up reception, document that emergency and dawdle them to elevate on the spot preventive steps. But as an alternative, I simplest felt pangs of starvation in my belly, and regarded as taking preventive steps for that simplest. I checked out my stumble on. Oh God … it became quarter past ten, no point calling the canteen now, I thought despondently.

My cell cell phone rang. In the commotion I entirely forgot about my cell phone which became lying abandoned at the bedside table. Now that energetic machine one intention or the other brought me a shrimp nearer to actuality, it gave the impact. It became Srijay flashing on the hide as I answered it.
“Sir, bask in you taken your supper? Are you already in bed?”
“Neither. I forgot to expose on time. Few out of the ordinary issues taking place here that I’ll recount you day after as of late at leisure. For the moment I am famished and I don’t know what to enact! No automobile on hand to enterprise out to the city . ”
“Sorry to hear that, Sir. Anyway, don’t agonize. There is a joint, moderately appropriate, nearby. From the principle entrance of the guest home flip elegant and you’ll assemble it a hundred meters away.”

For appropriate or injurious I became no longer distinct for the time being, my starvation pangs bought the greater of me submerging my earlier unfamiliar experiences into an realizing with actuality. How I came out of the guest home without confronting someone within the reception I didn’t give a thought to that point and neither would possibly possibly I keep in mind now. The whys and hows in my anecdote were clean refusing to recount themselves, to my enlighten helplessness.

Anyway, I exited from the guest home gate and bask in turn out to be elegant as urged. The matter puzzled me moderately loads. As I remembered from my earlier focus on over with or visits the guest home became positioned in a miniature township of the institution with simplest a major road and classroom and administrative blocks and workers quarters scattered spherical with originate spaces lined with bushes. Coming originate air now I stumbled on a number of alternative roads connecting to the principle road, and a total bunch lighted taking a undercover agent or eating enclosures all spherical. However, there were lonely stretches of possibly hundred meters every on either aspect of the guest home. I even stumbled on distant hills silhouetting a shadowy skyline opposite to the guest home which became positively no there after I came closing. Peculiar suggestions creeping in again I quickened my steps against the eatery …

The eatery perceived to me as an Italian meals joint with largely hasty meals devices most of which weren’t even diagnosed to me. Folks were crowding, leaning and craning over the counter for attempting to search out expose coupons because it became a self-service restaurant. However, to my surprise, there became hardly ever any noise, an eerie silence prevailed.

As I approached the counter for a undercover agent-in at the devices on hand the nagging thought came to me again; since checking in I didn’t name my even as soon as main other informing her of my whereabouts, even supposing I wanted to recount her first part after arrival; however one intention or the other, I never cared to elevate up the cell and dial her number. Let me expose the meals first and then I’ll name her, I assured myself again.

I hunted for the menu, however there became none; simplest names of some dishes were scribbled on the black board at the aid of the counter. I squeezed my eyes to focal point on the devices, however would possibly possibly no longer read well, and the correct space became I became for sure no longer distinct what substances these dishes were fabricated from. I seemed here and there for some form of lend a hand and steering. My eyes riveted on a miniature boy, in early teenagers, standing in entrance of a table within the eating home beckoning to me to reach aid to him. I stumbled on him too younger for a waiter, and straight away warned myself that he would possibly possibly very properly be allotment of a racket to fleece vulnerable customers. So I decided to ignore him, and pushed my capability thru to the man at the aid of the counter.

I asked him for a menu card or to recount me referring to the substances ancient in making various devices on recount. He checked out me a shrimp bit oddly, called somebody from the backside, and urged me to coach the man for the advisory. The man became immense and had an athletic fabricate with bulging biceps and chest muscles threatening to bound thru the gentle T-shirt he wore. He sized me up haughtily and ordered me to coach him. Is he going to elevate me to the kitchen, I puzzled.

I adopted him obediently as he walked by the aspect of the restaurant that ended in a wood staircase. He climbed briskly up the steps and I had danger holding phrase of him as a total bunch other folks were either going up or coming down the steps, I did now not fancy why. We arrived at a enormous enormous wood platform crowded with other folks scattered here and there. I iced up as I managed to elevate a nearer stare.

Most of the other folks there were bodily deformed or unhappy beggars or both. I guessed some of them would possibly possibly very properly be leprosy affected too. They were lying on the floor in helpless sprawls making out of the ordinary noises. Some of them were moaning, some crying and a few shrieking out in agony, ‘Relieve us … lend a hand us … lend a hand us …!’ One other able-bodied guys were trudging thru the fats unfold of human bodies, examining them, taking photos … however making no effort to lend a hand them in any capability.

My moment of the paralyzing shock payment me dearly. I misplaced phrase of the muscular guy. He perceived to bask in vanished into skinny air. How is it imaginable, how a fats bodybuilder esteem him can vanish esteem that, I had a sense of apprehension rising within me. There became no exit from the platform on the alternative aspect as there were brick partitions spherical with a pair of wood windows strewn here and there, largely closed; any visitor need to exhaust the staircase for departing too. Now, the disfigured, the agonized and the helpless bodies on the floor without warning turned into attentive to me standing there uncertainly, and their noises began to be directed at me. I shook myself out of the paralysis, and commenced shopping for a brief receive away.

Thankfully, I did now not lose my capability and the staircase became clean there. I nearly ran against it and plummeted down the steps esteem a cursed taking pictures enormous identify. An amazing sense of relief flooded my entire self as I arrived aid at the entrance aspect of the restaurant.

With relief the starvation pangs returned too. As I contemplated my next circulation I realized an particular particular person, dressed in a civilized manner and bespectacled, taking a great deal of passion in me and became coming against me. I took him for a professor of the institution, and became for sure no longer averse to meeting him. Truly, I thought, a neighborhood professor is in general a very appropriate data for me. I waited for him to join me.
He became lean and of medium height; smiling eyes at the aid of the glasses and black curly hair. He stated to me straight away,
“Hi there, you seem to be a stranger in this allotment of the globe, I instruct! I’m Akhter, a businessman from Mumbai.”
So he became no longer a neighborhood professor and an equal stranger esteem me, I thought dully. I stated to him loud,
“Smartly, no longer exactly. I visited this set up earlier, however this time I’m finding it a shrimp bizarre. Anyway, I’m Hridayesh from Kolkata. Nice meeting you!” We shook hands.
“You stare a shrimp bit ruffled up, are you in some fabricate of danger?” he asked. “I know this set up properly. Direct me, I’m in a position to permit you to out.”

I knowledgeable him about my jam finding a supper. He took me to a shut-by store, provided cigarettes, lighted his and provided me one. I courteously refused. He relaxed, making me relax too. We persisted our dialog, however I misplaced phrase of the thread rather than the truth that he promised to elevate me to a appropriate meals joint. After finishing his fag he asked me to reach aid with him. We hit the principle road and walked within the route which I thought took us farther far from the guest home. This time I felt assured of within the extinguish quashing my starvation protests. A few yards on the principle road we turned into elegant against a lane, at the stop of the lane I’m in a position to also phrase an illuminated restaurant. His steps turned into faster as I adopted him in …

The one-storied longish block housed a store on our elegant and a restaurant cum bar on the alternative. The kitchen became most doubtlessly positioned at the aid of the store, because I saw a number of waiters popping out with loaded trays and a few getting into into possibly for additional meals orders. My friend perceived to bask in locked his eyes with mountainous-bellied elderly manager at the money counter which served both the bar and the store. , Akhter started shaking in excitement.
“Right here’s a first rate set up, bask in your drinks and meals in comfort,” he stated to me. “I need to fade now. Sorry now to now not be with you. Because I need to bask in a one-evening-stand with my packets …” and with these bizarre phrases he vanished at the aid of the store …

I stood there for a whereas, no longer realizing what to blueprint of the phrases elegant uttered by my erstwhile friend, and what to enact next. However, I decided to enact the most wise part at that moment. I went in heading for the bar. As I pushed my capability thru the revolving glass doorways I came to a standstill again taking a undercover agent at the spectacle.

The bar became enormous, rectangular in size, with a fats glass wall giving a look of the road originate air and a wood-paneled wall on the alternative aspect. To my enlighten surprise and shock, all of the inner became crammed with thick layers of smoke rising up to the counterfeit ceiling. How on earth they were allowed to smoke within, I thought in dread; my mind taking a top level view of all of the steps taken by the public authorities as we instruct to avoid losing other folks from exposure to passive smoking. What amazed me next were the customers there.

Most of them were younger ladies and boys. Nearly everyone became smoking, throwing out rings of smoke upwards. Some were taking a undercover agent up squealing in ecstasy whereas a pair of others were zigzag over the tables, jerky and sneezing; some were staring spherical with entire disinterest and glazed eyes; some were either howling or moaning or straightforward crying and a few others were swaying aid and forth in their merriment with their bodies hitting or brushing against other bodies. I didn’t elevate prolonged to fancy what became going on.

It became obviously a drug bar, and I became astounded as to how this would possibly possibly very properly be completed so openly and in such a brazen manner. My first impulse became to dial the police if any in this bizarre set up, however one intention or the other my cell cell phone and I turned into poles apart within the happenings to date. A few addicts turned into attentive to me standing uncertainly in entrance of the doorway, and they stared at me, as if attempting to review me; a pair of perceived to jeer at me whereas some others communicated to me pitifully, ‘give us sustenance … give us sustenance … please! “My amazement hasty giving capability to dread I made a speedy retreat.

Out of the bar I walked disoriented and aimless for a brief time, for sure no longer troubled referring to the streets or the landscape or the skyline. again, I stumbled on myself in entrance of a restaurant which, to my mountainous relief, seemed esteem a feeble one with two rows of neatly arranged desks and chairs and out of the ordinary taking a undercover agent waiters transferring spherical taking orders from customers scrutinizing the menus. However, something else became attempting forward to me within.

As I entered the originate doorway heading for an empty table the manager at the aid of the money counter moved spherical in mountainous dash, and walking past me slapped a waiter busy taking orders unawares; he repeated his out of the ordinary acts on three other waiters, slapping them with fury and vehemence. As I became destined that evening I stood transfixed there, one extra time. Now, the manager became shouting esteem a madman.

There became a moment of absolute silence within the restaurant following the manager’s acts with customers and workers alike vexed and immobilized. From the incoherent phrases of the manager I surmised that sometime aid the hotel proprietor’s daughter with a pair of of her chums visited the restaurant for dinner, and one or extra waiters misbehaved with them, no longer realizing their credentials or simply ignoring them. The daughter and community left in a huff, and the manager bought a resounding bashing from the proprietor over cell phone. So he acted upon it straight away. However, earlier than his circulation completely justified his fury something extra dramatic came about.

Three goons with weapons ready and pointed in their hands entered the restaurant. Thought to be one of them stood guarding the doorway, one aimed his gun point-black at the manager’s head and the third one took location at the rear stop. And I became esteem a duck sitting reasonably amid the strangest topic. This can not fade on to any extent extra up to now as my safety is enthusiastic, I decided. I became an accidental bystander and subsequently there became no the rationalization why I’m in a position to also clean compromise my safety. I started transferring against the doorway slowly as a heated alternate of phrases became taking set up between the manager and the gun-toting goon.

I nearly made it. But unfortunately, elegant at the closing moment of exit I by chance brushed against the goon standing there, and his gun fell to the bottom. Ahead of the goon would possibly possibly react to that I acted impulsively and with a appropriate presence of mind. I straight away stooped down, picked up the gun and handed it over to him with a candy smile. The bewildered thug also managed a smile, and as I made my closing circulation to exit he stated to me in a reasonably paralyzing perplexity, “You gotta be a appropriate man! But many appropriate guys gotta die earlier than others! Nah ..?” he hollered in mountainous merriment over his bask in humor. “Contain the good thing about the evening, goodbye!” I smiled weakly aid at him and slowly moved out. The goon leaned out of the doorway to search out me, clean giggling.

About twenty yards forward the road turned into elegant, and if I became in a position to spherical that corner I’d within the extinguish circulation out of his gaze. I watched many movies and browse many thrillers where the villains perceived to be very suave, subtle and benevolent, however at the climax they ancient to ruin the victims mercilessly. These twenty yards perceived to be an eternity as I started transferring slowly forward measuring every step and at the equal time holding an absolute outward silent. The drawing shut likelihood that he would possibly possibly possibly put a bullet thru my aid any time became a horrific thought that refused to recede my mind.

Nothing came about for roughly ten yards. I quickened my dash simplest by a half now so as that it didn’t receive seen, suppressing my indecent want to ruin into a lifeless dawdle, and elegant vanish spherical the corner … and receive away …

Two yards extra to conquer … and I’d be a free man, no longer no longer up to within the meanwhile. I’m in a position to also now no longer hear his laughter and dared no longer stare aid. Seemingly he truly appreciated my gesture in no longer utilizing the alternative provided by the falling gun; that he became simplest joking about ‘appropriate guys’ and that he became no longer going to shoot me down in any respect. On the alternative hand, had any murders taken set up at the hotel afterwards I’d were a high stare as I had seen all three thugs from shut quarters. In that eventuality I’d stay a marked man for eternity. But there became no capability to are mindful about it for a certainty. Anyway, it would possibly possibly possibly most likely possibly be very clear very quickly.

I nearly stopped at the closing point of the curve, gripped by persisting stress and dread. Taking an on the spot unravel to blueprint the closing escape to receive away I rounded the turning efficiently. No photos rang out within the air. After which I ran … I ran esteem a rabbit in pursuit, releasing the built-up stress and relishing my receive away. Surprisingly, I never bought out of breath; working at that form of ruin-neck dash gave the impact easy for me. I didn’t danger about that. What I troubled about became to forego my supper, receive aid to the guest home at any payment and sleep out that irascible evening.

And I misplaced my capability. The landscape became entirely assorted; it perceived to be a woodland road with dense overgrowth on all facets, and I had no indicators to search out my capability aid to the guest home. , I confronted a steep upward push within the road forward. I stopped working and commenced mountain climbing, again easily. As I reached the excellent point of the incline I stopped, and seemed forward with any keberuntungan. Namun, dunia merek asli menjadi menunggu untuk menyambut saya.

Di sana terbuka sebelumnya dari saya hamparan luas modernitas-sebuah kota metropolitan pegunungan dengan multi -jalan di jalan-jalan yang terang benderang, jalan layang, naik berlebih, mengambil gerai ritel agen yang menyamar dan banyak gerombolan dan total mobil yang mentransfer kedua solusi. Saya menjadi jengkel, sama sekali gagal bereaksi. Pasti karena saya tidak pernah mengantisipasi tontonan seperti itu, dan setelah dihadapkan dengan hal itu saya benar-benar tidak menemukan petunjuk untuk mengakui bahwa kota metropolis yang dianggap berjemur terwujud entah dari mana. Saya tidak pernah tahu keberadaan kota metropolis yang bergunung-gunung yang begitu dekat dengan kota tempat tinggal kami yang didiagnosis.

Terus mengamuk di benak saya, saya bergerak di sepanjang jalan mengendalikan dawdle saya yang intens untuk mengajukan pertanyaan kepada pejalan kaki tak berwajah yang mengidentifikasi identitas orang. metropolis. Tampaknya ego saya selesai tanpa saya dari melakukan itu, karena saya menjadi sering bepergian, tidak lagi tidak sampai ke India, dan itu menjadi sangat menghina bagi saya sekarang sampai sekarang tidak berjemur dalam mewujudkan sepasang metropolis tinggi yang elegan jauh dari tujuan terbaru saya. Saya juga beralasan dalam pikiran saya bahwa saya akan berkumpul dengan sangat cepat.

Harapan saya melonjak ketika saya melihat sebuah bus yang berdiri di atas elegan saya yang menurut saya dianggap sebagai terminal bus antar-narasi. Saya langsung menyeberang ke aspek alternatif jalan, dan memasuki belanja kampus untuk penghitung prangko dengan nama stasiun atau lokasi yang bisa dibayangkan. Saya membeli tersinggung, frustrasi dan sengsara tidak lagi berada dalam posisi untuk mencari indikator apa pun yang mungkin bahkan mungkin akan memuaskan pencarian saya. Aku berdiri bersih di tengah-tengah lantai beton yang sangat besar, tidak lagi menyadari apa yang harus ditetapkan. Saya berpikir untuk mengantri di konter dan merujuk ke petugas pemesanan; namun apa yang akan saya ajukan kepadanya tidak menyadari di mana saya menjadi atau di mana saya menjadi sirkulasi. Saya dalam posisi yang juga sangat tepat untuk menjadi inventaris tertawa mutlak; Saya memutuskan untuk menjatuhkan muse.

Seseorang memanggil saya keluar dengan bantuan mengirimkan dingin dingin ke tulang belakang saya. Untuk sementara aku tidak lagi berani menatap bantuan, tidak lagi dalam posisi untuk mengedarkan otot, itu menjadi kejutan dan kejutan yang melekat dalam suara itu. Karena suara menjadi sangat akrab; itu merupakan bagian integral dari saya; itu menjadi tidak terpisahkan dari saya; tidak ada kemampuan sekarang untuk sekarang tidak mengakui suara itu. Itu menjadi pasangan utama saya, pasangan gaya hidup tersayang saya selama lebih dari dua puluh tahun yang memanggil saya dengan nada permennya.

Terakhir saya memutar bola, dan di sana dia berdiri, tersenyum manis kepada saya, tanpa cap tekanan atau kejutan atau ketakutan atau ketakutan atau kemarahan atau sentimen . Menjadi saya yang mulai memiliki emosi semacam ini. Apa yang dia lakukan di sana? Kenapa dia ada di sana? Saya meninggalkannya di rumah dengan tenang dan malam penutupan sederhana yang sederhana, dan tanpa peringatan dia berdiri di sana lebih awal dari saya menghargai penampakan. Lagi-lagi saya perlu mengoleskan lemak untuk membantu mengawasi agar pikiran saya yang sudah tersiksa tidak memudar. Ketenangan dan kealamiannya juga memengaruhi rute sirkulasi masa depan saya.

Saya memutuskan untuk bertindak secara umum juga. Terlepas dari setiap hal kecil, saya bertanya kepadanya apa yang dia lakukan di sana dan dia memberikan jawaban yang tidak jelas, dan saya memutuskan untuk tidak melakukannya. Sebagai alternatif, kami berjalan bersama-sama ke bangku marmer yang diukir dari dinding aspek bangunan, dan duduk sambil membicarakan apa-apa dalam percakapan. Setelah itu pikiran saya mulai berbicara, berbicara tergesa-gesa, dan mengamuk gila …

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